how do we get communism?

Communism from below – how we organise

We organise as revolutionaries because we believe in the need for a revolutionary movement. However, a revolution will be undertaken by the working class & not a revolutionary organisation on behalf of that class. Its legitimacy can only be validated by workers in struggle to overthrow capital, not through some political tradition. The working class in struggle is primary, the organisation secondary. The organisation must be a forum for the development of revolutionary activists, theoretically & practically, & for their mutual support. All representatives of the organisation will be accountable & recallable & receive no special privileges. We reject top down centralism in which leaders think for the membership & issue instructions down to the smallest detail. This mechanical subordination is a product of capitalist society. We demand respectful behaviour of each other, within the organisation & outside it. The revolutionary milieu has need of the highest standards of debate, for which venom is most often a substitute, not an aid. In its democracy, in its camaraderie, in the attention given to relations of solidarity & personal growth, the relations within our organisation must, as far as possible, mirror the society we want to create. We are not the final organisation the class needs, & remain open to the regrouping of revolutionaries, & learning from others as part of that process. We also acknowledge that other organisational forms maybe advanced by workers in struggle which could supersede other forms.

The left & its traditions

Trade unions & workplace organisation


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