questionnaire for local reports at 11th september assembly

* Where do you live?
* How many people live there?
* Who are the main employers, or sectors people work in?
* Where have the most recent investments been?
* How significant is unemployment and the social consequences?
* How significant is the migrant population and who constitutes it?
* How significant is the university and student world?
* Who is local government, have there been changes recently?

* What kind of general impact of recession can you make out?
* Have there been public sector cuts, or have any been announced?
* Who is concretely affected by the cuts?
* How did they ‘sell’ the cuts and how did affected people react?
* Have there been job cuts or company closures? Where and how?
* Has there been an increase in social control measures, workfare programs or other state measures to control social reproduction?
* Has there been changes in housing, gentrification recently?

* Is there a ‘socially present’ working class and/or history of struggle?
* What have been the most important ‘social struggles’ in recent years?
* What about the structure and social presence of the unions?
* Who constitutes ‘the left’ in your town’? Has this changed over the last two years?
* What are the main activities of the left? Are there new tendencies or initiatives in last two years?
* Are there local newspapers or open meetings of the left?
* Have there been mobilisations of the left or the unions against the cuts or other crisis impacts? How did that go? Who came? How do these ‘alliances against the cuts’ relate practically to the local workng class?
* Are there social-cultural activities, such as squatting, DIY concerts etc.? Have they changed during recent years?

* Where do you work or study?
* Are you active in ‘social-political sense’? (Work-place, tenants association etc.)?
* What were your own political efforts and experiences in the last two years?
* What would you focus you activities on in future?
* How could a ‘wider coordination’ or ‘publication’ be helpful?
* What do you hope to take back home from this conference?

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