reading group: the idea of communism from below

This discussion series on ideas surrounding ‘communism from below’ will cover the first half of 2009. The meetings are separated by three-week gaps.

The dates below are Mondays, discussions start at 7pm. All are welcome: email to register your interest, request printed copies of the texts, and find out details of the central London venue.

At each meeting comrades will give lead-offs on each text, followed by a general discussion. It may not be possible to properly study some of the longer texts within the given time-frame, and all are welcome to come along no matter how much of the reading material they have studied. Further details on which chapters are most relevant will follow shortly, as well as questions to focus your reading.

January 19th: The idea of Self-organisation and Communism from below

February 9th: Communism and labour in the era of the structural crisis of capital

March 2nd: Roots and causes of the left’s fragmentation and the sectarianisation of history

March 23rd: Capital, Alienation and Commodity Fetishism

April 13th: Workers’ Self-Government v State-socialism

May 4th: Parliamentary Socialism

May 25th: Conceptualizing Communist society

June 15th: International working-class organisation

July 13th: Communist organisation today

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