london busworkers: olympic 500 – phoney war or wages battle?

First published in Solidarity Forever, paper of London Regional Committee IWW(IWGB), which comprises the London Busworkers Branch (IU IU530)

The union Unite has raised the profile of the campaign to secure a £500 bonus payment for the 28,000 bus workers in London. Leaflets, posters and even executive members have appeared in some garages. The demand for the bonus is just. The increased revenue the bus companies will make during the Olympics will more than cover the cost of a bonus in recognition of the even more stress and demands placed on bus workers. However, this issue raises far wider questions. The campaign has placed on the agenda the more important issue of the steady deterioration of bus workers wages and working conditions. Continue reading “london busworkers: olympic 500 – phoney war or wages battle?”

your cleaners are being swept out!

On Friday the 18th of September cleaners at all bus stations will lose their jobs because TFL put profit first leaving the stations and buses dirty, affecting the health and safety of the bus drivers and the public, leaving 18 cleaners their children and families without jobs to support them.

Is this what you want to see at your bus station?

This situation affects every bus user. We are appealing to all Londoners to support our campaign and not to let this injustice happen. Continue reading “your cleaners are being swept out!”