the greater toronto workers’ assembly – towards revolutionary regroupment?

The Commune’s Tom Denning spoke to Herman Rosenfeld of the Greater Toronto Workers’ Assembly about an ambitious project to regroup revolutionary activists and reinvigorate working class politics in the city.  This interview is co-published with New Left Project.

Tom Denning: Who initiated the GTWA, and with what purpose? How does it work now, and what does it do?

Herman Rosenfeld: The GTWA was initiated by the Labour Committee of a group called the Socialist Project, based in Toronto. The idea of an Assembly was roughly based on some of the ideas floated – and experimented with – by Bill Fletcher Jr and others in the US. Creating a new and different kind of working class organizational form was seen as a way to get beyond some of the limitations of trade unions, which have been so locked into defending their members’ particular concerns; contributing to the need for a fightback in the face of the crisis; helping to bring together the socialist and anti-capitalist left; and working to create a new political space, to the left of social democracy. Continue reading “the greater toronto workers’ assembly – towards revolutionary regroupment?”