coca-cola: it’s the real sting…

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Workers at Coca-Cola bottling plant in Edmonton, London N18 came out on strike on 15 & 16 Sept. They have been offered an absurd, below-inflation 2 per cent pay rise, while conditions have generally been eroded in the factory. The pension scheme has also become a lot worse – despite the fact the company made £620m last year! Workers are bitter about the non negotiating management, saying this is a dictatorship.

Coca Cola workers on strike last month in Bremerton, Washington State

On both days there has been a noisy picket with around 35 workers present, one half outside the factory, the other under the flyover opposite. There were flags aplenty and placards too – also saying “Fair play, not foul play for Coca Cola workers”. Chants and shouts echo the site. Section reps and senior stewards were on the picket, with most workers coming off shift onto the line. It’s always a full picket. Continue reading “coca-cola: it’s the real sting…”