where next for network x?

Daniel Harvey reports on the activist gathering in Manchester

Some members of The Commune joined a gathering of about 300 activists, anarchists and anti-capitalists at Manchester Metropolitan University to discuss ways forward in the struggle against austerity and cuts. Understandably, there was much enthusiasm for making connections with allied groups from around the country, finding ways of offering practical assistance, as well as moral support.

A large part of the gathering was taken up with discussions about what people thought Network X should be in terms of its organisation and aims. The facilitators gave an initial political basis in the form of the People’s Global Action hallmarks’. These rejected all forms of discrimination based on patriarchy and racism, but seemed to forget about class and disability (both of which became points of contention later on) as well as capitalism, imperialism and ‘feudalism’. Continue reading “where next for network x?”

leaflet for network x gathering: movement beyond ‘actions’

Some members of The Commune will be going to the Network X gathering on Saturday and Sunday.  We have produced this leaflet to distribute.  We are currently discussing a formal proposal for the gathering, along the lines suggested in our leaflet.  You can download it as a printable PDF here.

The cuts we're facing are slightly different... so a different approach is needed

Movement beyond ‘actions’: what we have been, what we can become

As the UK moves into times of potential mass unrest, how does our movement find a way of connecting with the people around us? What is the best use of our political time, energy and experience in this new, and maybe very exciting phase? We all know that deep social change is going to take a mass movement, not just a bunch of activists – but how can we best be part of and agitate for such a movement? Continue reading “leaflet for network x gathering: movement beyond ‘actions’”