workers, intellectuals and the crisis

We publish below an Open Letter from Labour Scholars on the Economic Crisis from a number of left intellectuals in Canada on the current crisis. It was published by the New Socialist Group.  This document is important in two respects: firstly it provides useful ideas on how comrades in other countries think we can respond to this situation; secondly it also raises the question of the relationship of intellectuals to workers.  These intellectuals are posing their ideas directly to the labour movement and do not see their mental labour as separate from our movement.  This stands in stark contrast to events in the UK,  here we have seen no such documents or statements from the many intellectuals around such bodies as Capital and Class or Historical Materialism.  The Historical Materialism conference and Conference of Socialist Economists bring together many left intellectuals. But there is little relationship to the labour movement or belief that it has any bearing on its perspectives.  These comrades could do well to take a leaf out of the Canadian comrades’ book.

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