update on the activities of the commune around britain

– The Commune has recently produced two new pamphlets to add to its series. Storming heaven: The Paris Commune of 1871 (£1+50p postage) looks at the world’s first working-class revolution, with both Marx’s description of the commune and a Solidarity article critiquing traditional leftist assumptions about its failings. What is the London postal strike really about? (50p+50p postage) features Sheila Cohen’s interviews with two CWU reps.


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the tories: what are they planning, and are we ready for them?

21st September London ‘uncaptive minds’ forum

Polls put the Tories ahead of Labour by 17% and heading for a 100 seat majority at the coming general election. All indications are that we are heading for a Tory government by next summer.


When the Tories were last in power, Thatcher and Major led a vicious 18-year capitalist offensive against the working class, and the anti-union laws they introduced remain to this day under Gordon Brown. They restructured industry, created mass unemployment, scapegoated the poor and casualised labour.

We have every reason to worry: but what is the Tory agenda today? Are we ready for the challenge? The Commune is hosting a public forum to discuss these questions, and all are welcome. Continue reading “the tories: what are they planning, and are we ready for them?”