free reza shahabi, iranian trade unionist imprisoned without trial

A communique from the Reza Shahabi Defence Committee, upon the twenty-first day of the jailed Iranian trade unionist’s hunger strike. For updates, see

On Monday 21st Azar (14th December) the members of Reza’s family went to Evin prison to visit him.  They were informed that, owing to his physical condition, it was impossible for him to be moved to the visiting room and that they were to move to Evin’s prosecutor’s quarters because he could be moved there by car.

On the twenty first day of his hunger strike, Reza Shahabi is in such a state that he can not even shake his head.  Before Reza was moved from block 209 to block 350, he was told that if he gave up his activities in the workers’ movement the authorities would free him, and that he must answer immediately, but Reza refused.  Another security operative came to block 350 to tell him yesterday that if he ceased his hunger strike he would be freed, and he replied that he had been told the same thing before and although they knew he is innocent, they went back on their promise.  ‘This time I will not cease my hunger strike to the point of death, and ask for immediate and unconditional release. ‘  Continue reading “free reza shahabi, iranian trade unionist imprisoned without trial”