The Take: Argentina’s worker-managed factories

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Visteon occupation at Enfield

WORLDbytes published this ten-minute film explaining the dispute at the Visteon car parts plants and featuring interviews with workers and their supporters at the Enfield branch on the final day of the factory occupation at that site.

Women in the class struggle today

The Commune’s 9th March forum in London. Click here to see the other videos of the meeting.

Cleaners’ dispute with Mitie/Willis

Cleaners’ dispute at the National Physical Laboratory

BICOM action 13th January

Raid on a pro-Israeli army PR office which took place during the Gaza war. Click here for report.

Hands Off the People of Iran conference

HOPI held its 2008 conference on December 13th, with speakers from the Iranian and European left discussing how we can solidarise with the Iranian workers’, students’ and women’s struggles against both the Islamist régime as well as sanctions and threats of military intervention. For a report on the conference click here. Below Freedom and Equality student activist Behrouz Karimizadeh speaks: for other videos from the day visit

Republic Windows and Doors occupation

In December 2008 workers at Republic Windows and Doors in Chicago mounted a week-long occupation of the factory in response to mass redundancies caused by the recession. The struggle achieved its central objectives and workers secured a pay-off deal worth $1.75 million. Click here to see three videos from the occupation.

Finally Got the News

An inspiring film about revolutionary black workers organising in Detroit auto plants.

UCS I (1971)

This 22-minute campaign film, produced by Cinema Action, was used by the Upper Clyde Shipyard workers during their struggle against government plans to shut down the yards. UCS workers used the occupation and work-in tactic as part of a fourteen-month struggle which carried important lessons about shop steward organisation, and therefore the film is of direct relevance to our recent meetings on class struggle in the 1970s. The film is particularly rare since Cinema Action was the only film team the workers allowed into the shipyards: they also produced a film Class struggle: film from the Clyde in 1977.

Arise Ye Workers (1973)

This 24-minute film, also produced by Cinema Action, portrays the struggle against the jailing of the Pentonville Five, five docker shop stewards jailed in summer 1972 in the wake of unofficial picketing and the first national miners’ strike since the 1926 General Strike. The five shop stewards were released after mass pressure and a rare TUC call for a general strike. This film was shown at the first of our ‘uncaptive minds’ forums on 1970s class struggle.

(The above films can be streamed online, but only in libraries and educational premises)

Press conference with Iranian Freedom and Equality Seeking Students

This is a film of the press conference held on Monday 29th September 2008 with the Iranian student activists Behrooz Karimizadeh and Kaveh Abbasian. Both are leading activists in the Freedom and Equality Seeking Students, a group which is opposed not only to the Ahmedinejad régime but is also opposed to all threats of war, “surgical strikes” and sanctions, which will only serve to undermine the Iranian working class.

May 1968 in France: could the working class have taken power?

A debate between David Broder, who has written a book about the Mouvement du 22 mars, and the Communist Party of Great Britain’s Mike Macnair. This video was taken at the CPGB’s annual school, the Communist University, which took place from August 9 – 16 2008 in south London. For more info, reports and comments visit

The Pando massacre

September 11th 2008 saw a massacre of Bolivia’s indigenous people and peasants in the Pando province, following the orders of far-right governors acting in the interests of the oligarchy. Our website has featured many articles on this social crisis, and below you can view a Spanish-language film of the attacks perpetrated on indigenous people, including footage of fascist gangs firing on people as they attempted to swim to safety.