urgent protest: justice for cleaners at the lse

From IWW Cleaners Branch
Come and stand in solidarity with the cleaners at the London School of Economics on Wednesday 13 June 2012, from 1PM – 2:30PM
LSE, Houghton Street, City of Westminster, WC2A 2AE – Just by Natwest bank

The IWW Cleaners at London School of Economics will be staging a lively protest to…

1) Stop the LSE from reducing the cleaner’s working hours
2) Stop the LSE from intensifying the cleaner’s working day
3) Stop the LSE from giving with one hand and taking with the other
4) Stop the LSE from treating the cleaners like second-class employees
5) Publicly expose Resource’s management’s inveterate practice of racist bullying

Resource is the calamitous contract cleaning company to which LSE has outsourced its service.

The cleaners will be placed under an unbearable amount of mental, physical and financial distress if these pernicious proposals are passed, or these bigoted practices continue.

Why is the LSE doing this?

Simply because the LSE, that still inanely claims “to improve society”, has decided that the cleaners are second-class employees who should give more for less!

Come and tell the LSE and Resource that enough is enough!