the commune

Our paper is called The Commune, articulating the politics of emancipatory communism from below and workers’ self-management. We aim to include extensive content from communists in other countries as well as arguing for ideas uncommon on the British left.




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la comuna

primera edición (agosto 2009) – cliquear aquí

pamphlets and leaflets

pamphlet no. 12 – communists in the french revolution

pamphlet no. 11 – the united front against fascism

pamphlet no. 10 – the collapse of the eastern bloc and after

pamphlet no. 9 – what is the postal strike really about?

pamphlet no. 8 – storming heaven: the paris commune of 1871

pamphlet no. 7 – the revolution delayed: a decade of hugo chávez

pamphlet no. 6 – the meaning of communism today

pamphlet no. 5 – the movement for workers’ councils in germany

pamphlet no. 4 – the economic crisis: an interview with andrew kliman

pamphlet no. 3 – strategy for industrial struggle

pamphlet no. 2 – nationalisation or workers’ management?

pamphlet no. 1 – bolivia: class struggle and social crisis

leaflet – there is an alternative! leaflet for n30 public sector strike

leaflet – this is only the beginning, but of what? leaflet for tuc’s ‘march for the alternative’

leaflet – movement beyond ‘actions’: for network x gathering

leaflet – unite left no-platforms alberto durango; soas occupation

leaflet – bulletin for post strike: no deal crozier

leaflet – compass conference: the party’s over

leaflet – fred the shred is just a scapegoat!

leaflet – self-management and the environment

leaflet – israel-palestine: the chauvinist onslaught

leaflet – has the traditional left a future?

leaflet – why we need workers’ management

leaflet – the cost of living: it’s time to act

leaflet – east against west or class against class?